My name is Louie Dane, and I'm an aspiring educator, as well as video photographer/editor living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. I was born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City.

With a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Maryland in my back pocket, I came home to work as a Videojournalist on FiOS1 Long Island's Push Pause, a magazine and features show on Verizon's local cable news channel. After a year in local news, I made the jump into the international sphere, coming on board at the NYC bureau of RT (formerly known as Russia Today) as a Cameraman/Editor. After three years as a full-time videographer, I decided to make Aliyah to Israel and become an English Teacher at the Kfar HaYarok School in Tel Aviv, where I'm also earning a Masters Degree in the Teaching of English as a Second Language.

Shooting a standup for rt on south beach, november 2014.

Shooting a standup for rt on south beach, november 2014.

While education has become my career pursuit, I still work as a photographer/editor here in Tel Aviv. ILTV's "Israel Daily" news broadcast recently took me on as their head cameraman.

Feel free to contact me at +972 53 217 9597, or by email at

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